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Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. or better known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is known as the flag carrier airline of Netherlands. This airline company was established in 1919 and is known as the oldest airline company which is still operating till this time. KLM promises its passengers a beautiful and comfortable flight and I got to experience exactly that when I flew from Hannover via Amsterdam to Buenos Aires in February 2017 and to Tokyo in March 2017.

The lounges that they provide are beautifully decorated and well kept. The food is also quite satisfactory. The catering services at their lounge is good but it is filled with the basic snacks which shows lack of variety. The boarding services started almost a half an hour late and no reasons were specified, but once it began, all the business class passengers were on board within a few minutes.

The seats were extremely comfortable and spacious so it had a lot of leg-room. There was a lot of space to get up and move around and it also offered sufficient privacy to it passengers. There was ample space for electronics, snacks, drinks, and a stand for magazines and newspapers was also provided.

As soon as I was seated, a flight attendant came up to me with a tray of water, champagne and Heineken ♥️ Twenty minutes after takeoff, the flight attendant offered me a hot towel and forty minutes later, she brought a bowl of room-temperature mixed nuts and an aperitif. They also offered an amenity kit (unfortunately bery ugly) which was composed of a pen, toothbrush, an eye mask, socks, toothpaste, comb, ear plugs and a lip balm.

On every flight Royal Dutch Airlines has given every World Business Class passenger a unique gift: a Delft Blue miniature traditional house, filled with Dutch gin. There are 96 different types. They have been presented over a long period and thus have become collector items. On flights to some countries with alcohol restrictions empty houses are presented.

In conclusion, I had a great experience flying with KLM and would recommend others as well.


Buenos Aires flight


Tokyo flight

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