lol Aerolineas Argentinas… most ridiculous airline I’ve ever flown with

Aerolineas Argentinas is known to be the biggest airline company in Argentina and also as the country’s flag carrier. The airline was established in 1949, and it seems that it still remains there. The airline company promises to provide cheap flight rates but I guess they also included their services in it because it was the most terrible flying experience I have ever had.

Their service quality was very low and indeed cheap. Nothing was served to the passengers – just sandwiches in plastic and a cookie (like in their airport lounges). There were no blankets, no bottled water, the air conditioning system was pretty poignant as well. It seemed like the airline company had just won this airplane and was not really able to handle the “new luxury”.

The company seemed to have managed to pulled the basics together, like for example, the plane had all its parts, the seating was comfortable but they forgot to provide their passengers with all the essentials, even water. The food was served in a very sloppy manner and made my hunger vanish. Their presentation of the food was really unappetizing. And the rest: No menu, no entertainment, no blankets! Although the seats were comfortable, but still they were pretty flat and not as spacious as a business class seat should be. The staff was not very vigilant but they were polite. Their services might not be professional but thankfully their etiquette was.

I mean, seriously, shouldn’t be an airline who bears the flagship of the country, the best of the best. If this is Argentina’s best airline company than I would definitely loathe travelling with their average airline services. All in all, this was a pretty depressing flight for me and I would strongly discourage anyone who plans to travel through Aerolineas Argentinas. It felt like I was travelling in a third world business class flight.

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