TAP Portugal Business Class

TAP Portugal is the flag carrier airline company of Portugal which operates around 2,500 flights per week to 76 destinations in 29 countries worldwide. When I travelled with TAP Portugal it was due to an error fare from Paris Orly to New York Newark (Business Class return flight for 450€) in September 2016, and it would not be wrong to say that I had a good time travelling with them.

The seating arrangement was angled, which I did not really prefer but it was spacious and had a lot of room to get up and move. The seating arrangement was of 2-2-2 configuration with twenty four seats divided into four rows. These seats looked new but they were definitely not modern. The entertainment system lacked variety and was not on demand with only sixteen channels to switch. This did not seem like business class at all. The best part about travelling with TAP Portugal was their food. The food was delicious and all the dishes they offered were equally enticing.

I have mixed feelings about the crew on board. The purser and the greeting was nice, they were smiling and welcoming everyone but the stewardesses seemed rude and totally disinterested in their work. A few of them seemed friendly but lacked attentiveness.

The pillows and blankets did not seem of good quality, they were a little itchy. The amenity kit was offered in a very stylish and adorable tin box. It was composed of all the basic stuff that each airline company provides.

The bottom line of my experience was that it was nothing special, it was how a normal business class flight would be. Although, it would not be a lie to say that the food was the best part of the whole flight and I really liked the tin box which contained the amenity items. The service was average but I would not mind travelling with them again.

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