Florida: Drive the Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West – A day trip to Key West (from Miami)

When you type in the route from Miami to Key West on Google Maps, it looks like the journey sends you straight into the ocean 🙂

Key West is a laid-back city and one of the American ‘Caribbean Islands’. It is so warm and natural that you will wish the day was longer – like I did. Come with me and lets us tour the Island city of Key West off the Straits of Florida.

Did you know that Key West is the only frost-free city in the continental United States? Now you know.

Our journey from Miami to Key West takes about 4 hours of driving. It is one straight road. Thus, there is little traffic to delay us on the way. We start a little early at seven in the morning to have enough time for relaxation and enjoyment in Key West.

Our four-hour journey goes across 31 islands with spectacular Caribbean atmosphere and specular 43 bridges connecting these islands and islets. All along, we are bordered by Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean into Florida. The way to Key West is so nice, we stopped a few times to enjoy the view and jumped into the blue water 🙂

Key West has the right Caribbean atmosphere that comes with friendly street art, a lot of lively outdoor eateries and several al fresco restaurants. There is a lot to explore too beside the sandy beaches and great cuisine offers.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum is a rather strange exibition of curiosities. It’d awesome how much history Ripley collected throughout his travels around the world – e.g. a full-sized figurine of the tallest person ever in human recorded history or  some unusual animals such as the 3-footed chicken. This place was really facinating – if you like “fun facts” and “unbelievable” things 🙂

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