Yosemite National Park is a huge expanse of land spanning over 700,000 acres of area including several counties. A heritage of majestic beauty, the landmark is a riveting tourist spot, perfect for divesting oneself of the worries and doubts plaguing us about the daily grind of life. Depicting nature at its most pristine and raw form, the park is an unadulterated vista of freshness. Offering hiking opportunities, spectacular vistas and family vacationing, the park is a breathtaking respite from the city. Trees, mountainous slopes and waterfalls spread out in all directions, it is a grand adventure waiting to be had.

Garnering a huge number of visitors, the park is eclipsed with tumultuous slopes and spectacular waterfalls. The waterfalls adorning the enclosure are some of the finest in the world and are a main attraction of the park. One of the most notable of these is the Bridalveil Fall that plunges into the valley some 600 feet below. The stunning waterfall can be easily approached after a short trek over the rockey terrain.

Made for recreational enjoyment, the Yosemite Valley also possess an incredible rock edifice known as the El Capitan that accords the hikers with a grueling climb. Another granite monolith called the Half Dome is also situated within the boundaries of the park. It provides a harrowing trek, best suitable for the frequent hikers or those not likely to easily get winded. Previously known to be inaccessible, the rock is now taken up as a great challenge by climbers who travel far off and wide to traverse these craggy heights. Along the way, the hikers are awarded a tremendous view of Nevada Falls and the High Sierra. Of course in certain, tumultuous weather conditions, any and all hiking expeditions are discouraged and cancelled, to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Camping grounds are also present for those looking to get a more fulfilling experience of the valley. Spending a night in the natural landscape surrounded by the lush green and serene environment, provides for a very soothing atmosphere. Especially for those individuals that are looking to relax and reconnect with nature. Many animal species to inhabit the land from a variety of colorful birds to the black bears, which are a favorite among the tourists. Mule deer mull about the grassy plains while Mountain Cats and Bighorn Sheeps are a rare sight to behold.

Among other prominent sites is the Giant Sequoias that are located within the park. The Giant Sequoias are redwoods that grow up to an astounding height of 200 feet on average, hence the name. These towering trees provide an abundance of shade and are the primary reason behind the conservation activities that led to the development of the park.

Several agencies provide an itinerary for a day in the wilderness of the Yosemite Park. A day filled with excursions through the rocky plains and exploration of the valley, in the accompaniment of a tour guide relaying insights into the history of the park. A beautiful adventure indeed.

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  1. The trees and waterfalls remind me so much of Yosemite National Park while I was there. It showcases the beauty of nature at its prime. I loved every seconds spent there. Quite a serene environment.

  2. This post reminds me of my visit to Yosemite National park. It was an awesome experience. I saw different beautiful and colorful birds. Different variety if animals.
    Yosemite National Park is not just a tourist attraction park for me, it was a meeting with nature.

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