A Weekend in Provence

Provence –  known for its rich French cuisine, breathtaking sights, and close location to the Italian and Mediterranean border. Known as an historical province in the southeastern portion of France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhone River to the west Italian Eastern border, there’s a lot to take in when exploring the quintessential French region.

I had the pleasure of landing at the Marseille Airport for my quick weekend getaway in an unmistakable romantic destination. I landed on Friday afternoon, and I knew I only had two-days to experience Provence like the French would want me to. In order to get a fully immersive trip in without any travel coordination blunders or long lines, I elected to rent a rental car from the Marseille Airport. Once rented, the open road as mine to take, and the French countryside awaited my arrival.

After a good night’s rest, come Saturday, I visited the area surrounding the Verdon Gorge and Verdon River.

I enjoyed every bit of the scenes over there. I took a few snap shots of attractive views. Thereafter, I went to the villages of Valensole and Allemagne-en-Provence. I took some nice pictures there too. Allemagne-en-Provence is a small medieval village that has been in existence since the 13th century. The village is known for its 13th century castle.

The village has a big ancient main square that is adjacent to the major road that passes through the village. It also has a very beautiful fountain that I also snapped. I also saw an interesting church bell tower that has a big clock. At the base of the tower is an ancient church. By my estimation, the church should have been in existence since the 13th century like the castle. Valensole village is another village located at the southeastern part of France. It is quite close to the village of Allemagne-en-Provence

On Sunday, I made it my mission to get pictures of the infamous lavender fields that line the Provence region. . If there’s anything that I must stress from this trip, it’s how remarkable the sight of never-ending lavenders and purples can look on the rolling French countryside. I found myself utterly lost in the beauty for hours. Finally coming to my senses, I was able to snap some photos. I had already noted the places down even before I came to Provence.  The main lavender fields are not far from Allemagne-en-Provence. You will find it on D15 road to Valensole. The fields are named after the large amount of lavender that is just about 8 km up the road.


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