Abu Dhabi – Home of Etihad Airways

Sex and the City 2 have left a lot of people yearning to go to Abu Dhabi. If you are one of them, then you are not alone because majority of people have wished to visit the place and actually have after the movie.

Abu Dhabi is the 2 most populated cities of United Arab Emirates and is the capital city too. This city is flooding with official headquarters and bureaucratic offices too. Not only this, but this capital city has also gotten the mark of a place filled with cultures. It has bought forward the Warehouse 421 which is an eye catching and wonderful arts venue.

If you are talking about Abu Dhabi, then don’t forget to mention a lot of wealth along. This city is freaking rich! It is also listed amongst the richest places of the world. It is the home to 9% of the oil reserves around the world. Abu Dhabi has come a long way as it started off as a dependent outpost coastal.

If you are expecting that Abu Dhabi is going to be on the main land then you are wrong. This amazing city sits on the island. This island is connected to the country through various bridges. You can either reach there through speed boat tours or any other water sport or simply walk along Corniche; anything that suits you best. These ways you won’t be missing out on the beauty that lies around the wonderful city.

People usually assume that visiting Abu Dhabi is going to be a tough take if they don’t know how to speak Arabic. But that is not necessary. If you are a western tourist and are staying in a really nice hotel, then the staff will be dealing with you in English. A lot of five star hotels in Abu Dhabi have hired Chinese, Russian, Arabic and German staff so that conversing with people from different countries is easy. This also makes the tourists feel comfortable. But knowing some of the basic words of Arabic are definitely going to make your journey easier.

The best thing about Abu Dhabi is that the petrol rates are real cheap which makes moving around in taxi affordable. If you compare their price rates with other Western Union companies then you will see that there is a whole lot of difference. You might find it weird but there are different types to the taxis driven in Abu Dhabi. There are silver taxis, white taxis and gold taxis too. Pink taxis also exist which have female drivers in them. In silver taxis the fare is set and you will be charged by meter. However in white and gold taxis the driver might be willing to negotiate a bit but they also charge by meter. Pink taxis have made travelling really easy for women as they can move around at ease and comfort.

The most incredible place to visit in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The visiting hours of this magnificent mosque are 9am to 10pm from Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, the mosque remains closed for tourists and is opened for them at 4pm. To visit the mosque, you need to follow the dress code. Women need to be fully covered and must wear a head scarf. They can also purchase an abaya. Similarly, men are not allowed to wear shorts to the mosque; there legs are supposed to be covered.

Abu Dhabi is a wonderful place and attracts a lot of tourists towards it. It’s great for a stopover with Etihad as I did in February 2016 on my way back from the Maldives 🙂

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