Alice Restaurant “Alice in Labyrinth” in Tokyo

Have you ever read the book, ‘Alice in the Wonderland?’ I guess you have read it and even fantasized being in the Wonderland together with Alice. Luckily, you can you can have an experience of the fantasy at Alice in Labyrinth in Tokyo.

The restaurant is designed with the storyline of the book in mind. Everything from the design of the building to the service looks like the descriptions in the story line. Before heading to the restaurant, please reread the book to be familiar with characters and objects in the book. This way, you will have a truly lovely experience at the restaurant.

Just like the MaddHouse tea party, there are tea party rooms in the hotel where teapots and teacups flatter on the ceiling. There are also several semi-private rooms that are decorated in pink color where you find the Chesire cat. Some semi-private rooms are made of a huge ‘Duchess Tea Cup Room. You enjoy your meals inside the cup.

The floor and the ceiling of the main hall of the hotel are decorated with cards set on a black background. If you are a large group, you can make use of the garden themed dining room complete with spectacular lighting, images of mushrooms, and the cards.


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