Amazing Helsinki

Helsinki is the cold capital city of Scandinavian’s quiet and shy country, Finland. It has been rarely known diamond for years but lately it has charmed tourists around the world and found its way to many budget lists of travelers. So, what makes Helsinki appealing travel destination and what is the secret behind its quiet charm? This post is going to be look to Helsinki from the point of view of local…

Finnish Atmosphere
Even if Helsinki isn’t metropolis with countless tourist attraction it has something even more special. Finns are known as quiet and sullen northern people who can party like crazy. Helsinki perfect example of this. At day time you can meet polite Finns who may seem shy but are always ready to help travelers in need. But after dark Helsinki changes to different city. Hit the clubs and meet more open Finns who will party until early morning.

Well-Known Tourist Attractions
Helsinki has a few well-known tourist attractions that you should visit. Even locals like going to these places.

Senate Square is good place to start your adventure around Helsinki. Usually it is full of tourists taking iconic Finnish tourist photos of Helsinki Cathedral but every now and then there is crazy local events from flash mobs to protests.

Suomenlinna sea fortress is accessible by ferry that leaves near Senate Square. Locals usually visit here at summer time when the island is at its best as picnic place. Ferries run around the year so for foreigner it is important attraction even at winter time.

Museums are important part of Finnish culture. Modern Art Museum Kiasma is the most popular one among locals and travelers. Other museums worth of visit are Design Museum, National Museum of Finland and Ateneum.

Secret Travel Attractions

In addition to those well-known tourist attractions Helsinki has many secrets that are usually left out from tourist books and guides. Here is a few places that are not so popular among travelers but favorites of locals.

Lammassaari is island near the mainland Helsinki even if you wouldn’t guess that while walking in quiet nature. We Finns love our forests and peace so Lammassaari is popular day hike destination among locals. If you come to Finland, experiencing our beautiful nature is must thing to do and Lammassaari is one of the best places for it.

Design District Helsinki this is place to shop and admire Finnish design. Finns value local products so you should follow the example and check out some cool Finnish souvenirs.

Walking around Töölönlahti is favorite hobby of many Finns. The scenery is just plainly beautiful and you can meet many happy locals having fun with their friends and families. Especially at summertime this area is full of culture events, music and other interesting local happenings.

Relax in sauna: Finland and sauna walk hand in hand. Almost all Finnish homes have their own Sauna and that makes it must to experience thing when visiting cold and chilly Finland. There is several Saunas around the city. Swimming halls have them but if you want to take more touristy approach (that is also popular among locals) Löyly is the right choice for you. It is restaurant, terrace and hot sauna at same building.

Other places worth of mention: Hietaniemi Beach, Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Market Halls, Esplanadi Park and Itäkeskus Swimming Hall.

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