Architecture of the Louis Vuitton Store in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful land which is well known for its rich culture, generous and heartwarming hospitality and startling architecture. It is a hub of rapidly growing industrialisation while at the same time it is the land focused on providing both its citizens and tourists with a thriving, out of the world experience.

Among the many wonderful things in Singapore, one sight stands quite apart from the rest. This sight is a masterful embodiment of modern architecture. It is none other than the new Louis Vuitton Store.

Located on 2 Bayfront Avenue, Crystal Pavilion North, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the Louis Vuitton Island Maison is an incredible piece of art. The sprawling structure is built from clear glass and steel and juts out from the beach towards the sea in a bold stance. The original design of the store was created by Moshie Safdie along with the designs of the rest of the Bay Area resort. The interior has been designed as a nautical tribute by internationally acclaimed and award winning artist and architect Peter Marino.

This one of a kind luxury retail store was an ambitious endeavour, to say the least, by the renowned brand and was officially opened to the public on 18th September 2016. It has since then become a famous landmark on the Bay Sands promenade not just because of its massive size but for the uniquely intriguing architecture.

The Louis Vuitton Island Maison can be accessed by any one of three ways; by boat which unloads at a small jetty, by ascending the travelator from the shopping mall into the Pavilion, or by an outdoor bridge. Once you enter the structure itself you have a retail experience like no other. This is because the space does not simply display products to be sold but it has areas designated to pay homage to the Louis Vuitton roots. Several square meters have been shaped into a tunnel dedicated to display the historic LV luggage used in the 20th century during transatlantic travels.

The left side of this tunnel has been cordoned off as space for both aspiring and established international as well as Singaporean artists to display their creativity at.

The Pavilion is the centre of attraction for the Maison and has been uniquely designed by Marino in a way that displays the LV products in the best way while highlighting the spectacular outside view. To balance out this contrast of not having one thing outshine the other but instead bring out the best in the other was a daunting task indeed and Marino delivered better than expectations. The ceilings at some points soar as high as 11 meters and keeping with the nautical theme masts are built at those points.

Throughout the Pavilion you can see the constant but subtle usage of marine items such as sailing rope, sea shells, sails and rigging, stones of harbours and the incorporation of timber used in building ships. The natural lighting courtesy of the glass walls has been intelligently used just exactly as needed and spacious rooms have displays in the centre instead of the sides for an unhindered breathtaking view.

The architecture of the Louis Vuitton store in Singapore is indeed a sight to behold and cherish because of its classic elegance, inspiring ingenuity and stirring novelty.

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