As a tourist or business visitor in a new city or destination, you never really know what to expect, you have done your research of course, nevertheless you might feel you need some more insights on the hotspots and cool sites to experience, this is a blog post on some of those interesting stop over sites and cool places; you should definitely consider seeing when next you’re in Athens.
A trip to Mount Lycabettus will be worth the hike. Towering over the city, measuringg at 745 FT, Mount Lycabettus provides a breathtaking view of Athens, the Attica basin and the Aegean Sea. The sunrise or the golden hour (sunset) on this hill will add a beautiful perspective or backdrop to your day or tourist moments.
Considered the largest temple in the Peloponnese, the Temple of Zeus is an architectural masterpiece dedicated to Zeus. Despite being ravaged and looted by the Barbarians in the third century AD; the ruins of this opulent edifice still stands to this day and it is definitely a worthy tourist destination.
You can see one of the world’s most popular historical structures – the Parthenon in all its massive glory in Acropolis. The Acropolis; which means city on a hill, plays host to other historic ruins and temples such as; The Propylaea, the Erectheum, Odeon Herodes Attitcus, to name a few.
The Parthenon was built as a monument to honour the Greek goddess Athena. The name Parthenon refers to the worship of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage and warfare. It is considered to be among the most important surviving buildings of ancient Greece.
The Syntagma square should be a mandatory pit stop for every individual visiting Athens. It is the central square of Athens and regarded as the most famous meeting points for Athens; that has played host to many political and social functions. It is also the seat of the Greek government (Parliament), with the Parliament building located across the street.

Plaka District is the oldest village in Athens: It is one of the perfect spots to experience genuine Greek culture, food, drink and lifestyle respectively. The district is known for its beautiful, aesthetically pleasing scenery, shops and café’s with a roof top view for your sunny afternoon or calm evening shopping or relaxation needs.
This begs the question, so many beautiful places to see, but how to get around in the great city?
How adventurous are you feeling? Do you want to explore the city by yourself? Then the city’s metro or railway system is clean, well networked and easy to maneuver. All you need is a metro map, and if you so happen to get lost, fellow commuters would be willing to guide you to your destination.
Maybe you prefer a quick and easy overview of the Greek city and its breath taking monuments, without having to bother with navigating the metro system; you would be better off taking a fun ride on a tour bus. They normally come with audio guides.
In conclusion, whatever your holiday expectations may be, no matter how peculiar they are, Athens offers great history, culture art and lifestyle and it is the perfect budget destination for holidaymakers.

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