Beagle Channel Sailing Tour

Imagine sailing from the southernmost cities of the world to the deep waters to get a glimpse of penguins 🐧, Sea Lions and other sea animals in the deep sea. This imagination gets fulfilled in the trip to Beagle Channel Sailing tour which takes you through the waters of Tierra del Fuego. The journey starts from the city Ushuaia, the Argentine city which is the southernmost cities of the world.

About the city Ushuaia

The city of Argentina is called ‘El fin del Mundo’ (The end of the world) by its inhabitants. Although another Chilean city Puerto Williams can be a bit more southern than this city, Ushuaia is definitely more popular as a tourist destination. Historically, the city used to be the home for the prisoners, who were banished from the mainland for their crime.  Today the city is mostly famous as the starting and ending point of the journey till Antarctica. While enjoying the small town charm at the end of the world, the options for outdoor activities are endless. You can get indulged into the adventure activities like skiing, sailing, hiking, kayaking scuba diving etc. if you are dreaming of a sailing trip to explore the sea-life around the Tierra del Fuego, the Beagle Channel Sailing Tour can be perfect to give you a glimpse of the sea paradise.

The whole day sailing trip in Beagle Channel

Start a Catamaran sailing from Ushuaia to the Beagle Channel. The full day sailing trip is to take you in the world surrounding ocean, away from the fast city life. On the way, meet the family of Penguins, jumping up and down in the blue ocean.  The sea lions are also an exquisite attraction of this sailing trip. Apart from Sea lions and Penguins, you can get the glimpses of the native birds like scua gulls, black-browed albatross, steamer ducks, cormorants etc.

The detailed trip

My first stop of this sailing trip wasS eal Island of Les Eclaireurs Archipelago. Two species of Seals can be found there. After visiting the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, the journey continued through the coasts of Argentina and Chile. From there, we head towards the Martillo Island through McKinley Pass, to visit the Magellanic penguins which are native to this place. In the last part of the journey, I went to get to visit the historical ranch Estancia Haberton.

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