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Berlin is a beautiful city in Germany. Thriving on great culture and taking much from its rich post-war history, Berlin is a city that reminds us to be grateful to be alive. It encompasses a deep passion for living life to its fullest and encourages us to partake exorbitantly from its fountain of abundance.

The Berlin Wall may be a sobering reminder of the devastation of war but the strong graffiti on it acts as a symbol of the inherent human nature which is rebelliously resilient.

I have visited this busy and beautiful city several times and each visit has left me speechless at the breathtaking sights this glorious land has to offer!

On each of my trips, I stayed at the Soho House which is a high end luxury hotel. Comprised of eight large floors, the sprawling building consists of 65 guest rooms, 20 apartments and 4 lofts. Along with the splendid rooms, the hotel offers a number of special features. First is the rooftop swimming pool. The large sized pool is family friendly with lifeguards on duty 24/7 and the water temperature is stringently controlled to a comfortably warm degree. Placed all around it are loungers for guests to soak up the sun during the day or quietly read a book during the night.

The hotel gym is equipped with state of the art machines. The Cowshed Spa offers an extensive range of services ranging from deep tissue massages to pedicures. The ambiance is artfully peaceful and a single session will leave you relaxed like never before!

Located in a grade II listed Mitte landmark in Berlin, the Soho House has a spectacular view of the bustling city. Just hanging out on one of the balconies with a glass of wine in hand can be a great way to unwind and take in the beauty all around you. The Soho House Members Club is a fun way to meet with new people and learn more about them.

During my visits to Berlin, I always make it a point to head to KaDeWe which is a very famous shopping centre. KaDeWe (or Kaufhaus des Westens in the native tongue meaning ‘department store of the West’) is the biggest department store in Berlin. Over 60,000 square meters of retail space make this mall a paradise for shoppers! From clothes to handbags, shoes to jewellery, accessories to make up, gift items to souvenirs, KaDeWe has everything to offer. It also has a number of eateries and restaurants serving gourmet cuisines for the food lovers.

During my stay at the Soho House I often buy a number of small gifts and trinkets for my family and some souvenirs for myself from KaDeWe. They serve to remind me of the splendour of the city and the exorbitance of the store.

Being an avid traveller with a profound love of discovering new places, Berlin has always been one of my most favourite cities in the world and despite having explored it thoroughly, I find myself heading towards it time and time again.

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