Capital cities are usually a mess of cosmopolitan and a lot of responsibilities and burden. There is more talk about economic activities. This is where the second cities are full of energy and are less frenetic too. Industrial work is in swing in second cities and in all they are relaxed from the atmosphere too. And when you think about a city that is relaxed, has less cosmopolitan and has authenticity then Birmingham is the first place that clicks in one’s mind (that is if you have been there before). But if you are planning to visit this wonderful city then kudos; you are making the perfect decision and you won’t regret it at all.

People usually find themselves lost at an airport. But Birmingham airport is friendly as it is small and is really easy to navigate through. Once you are out of the airport, you will love the sight of the famous sixty store shopping mall. And if you are a shopping freak, you might just jump inside the place.

The weather in Birmingham is quite unpredictable just like all the other English cities. However, the weather remains mild in summers and won’t get higher than 20 degrees. In winters, you will experience 5 degrees normally and it can worsen up and fall down to minus degrees too. In winters the sky turn from normal blue to stormy black within seconds; so it always better to pack in a thin sweater in your bag. In December, January and February the city faces 15 days of rain on usual notice.

Birmingham is not a larger than life city and if you love walking then you won’t even need public transport. Walking around the city is really easy. The newest thing in Birmingham is the diversity of cuisines that they have introduced. The variety of food was not as great as it is now. However, there food has now earned a place in the world ranking that is done by the New York Times. If you love to eat then you definitely would visit Degbeth Dining Club. They are declared as the best dine in spot in Birmingham. You will not only experience delicious food but will be entertained with wonderful music and other types of arts.

This city is also known as a paradise of shoppers. So if you are a shopping lover then you will need to keep a lot of money with you. The prices have started rising in Birmingham as it has generated and grown in the last few years. But you are going to love the fact that all the residents of this city are ready to bargain with you. You will be delighted to find sales and discounts all the time at Bullring.

Birmingham has the ability to make you fall in love with its architecture and wonderful places. The cool look of this city is enough to attract tourists towards it. If you are planning a vacation this year, then keep this city in mind. it is definitely going to be a great hit.

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