Who doesn’t adore the picture perfect sunsets and crystal blue water? Who doesn’t want to walk through heavenly green hills and experience the barren deserts? And why wouldn’t anyone want to view and experience diving in the world famous dive sights? The Dutch Caribbean inspired architecture and landscapes along with all the things mentioned above, make Bonaire a must visit island! If you are a nature lover then this place is your best bet. It is like a dream land for you and you are certainly going to have the lush time of your life there.

Bonaire is located at 100 miles off the north coast of South America. To be exact it is near to the western area of Venezuela. It is a famous island in the Caribbean Sea. Bonaire is not alone; the Aruba and Curacao are along it and the three of them form the ABC islands. Majority of the Caribbean region lies within the hurricane belt. However, the ABC islands are not located within this belt. They are located outside the hurricane belt and have a dry climate almost all around the year. However, this climates help attract tourism a lot as the basic weather suspected there is warm and sunny.

Bonaire is adored by Scuba Divers and is also famous for them. The capital of this beautiful island is Kralendijk. The populace of Bonaire has been permanent since a long time (that is; 18,905). It is stretched on the area of 294km.

Towards the southern end of Bonaire, you will get a chance to view some beautiful American flamingos. The Washington Natural Park and the flamingo nesting sanctuary were developed by STINAPA in 1969. The sight of American flamingos is a treat to look at as they speak of beauty and amazingness. There is also a donkey colony where all types of donkeys are taken care of. Bonaire excels in taking care of animals that are no longer being kept by their owners. Therefore, animal lovers will definitely love this place.

The National Marine Park in Bonaire is worth a visit. It is usually on the top in the places to visit in Bonaire. The coastline of the island has been shielded since 20 years which makes this island the best place for diving and snorkeling. You will experience tons of places where you can easily dive and feel the splendors of the world that lies beneath the water.

The 1000 steps Beach is another delightful place to visit in Bonaire. As the name suggests, you really don’t have to walk up a 1000 steps to the beach; they are hardly 65-67 steps. The beach is a wonderful place where you can view coral, fish and sponges. This is also a famous diving spot. You won’t be able to enjoy sunbathing on this beach as the shores have cacti shrubs all over.

Alice in Wonderland is another amazing place for all the divers. Yes, the name has been stolen from the famous Lewis Carroll novel. However, it manages to bring the same essence to life for all the divers. You go into a deep world of fantasy as the sea is filled with eye catching and extremely beautifully colored fish and corals.  From parrot fish to emperor fish and from snappers to candy bass; there are all the various types of fish that will make you admire Mother Nature all the very more.

Bonaire is all about Mother Nature and is going to leave you speechless as you lose yourself in its exquisiteness. With various diving spots and the Butterfly garden along with the American Flamingos; this place is peaceful and stunning!

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