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I am a big fan of Mies van der Rohe – his architecture is amazing! Clear structures, “less is more” and the intelligent use of naturally patterned materials: I absolutely adore his work! Villa Tugendhat is a pioneering project in modern architecture – although the building is already over 85 years old, it is as modern as ever! Even 2 arm chairs were producted for this architectural icon of modernism.
In April 2008, I had 2 weeks holiday. During this time, I drove to Brno to visit Villa Tugendhat. Unfortunately, I had been playing around the settings of my camera, so there are unfortunately only thumbnails of these pictures.

There is a special onyx wall on the ground floor with an interesting technical feature. This functional stone element in the interior of this amazing villa is partially translucent and changes it’s appearance – the special characteristics of the onyx are intensified during low light.
Modern technology like a glass façade that opens completely in this masterpiece of archiecture.
A glazed curved wall is forming a dining alcove as you can see in the video I made during my visit.
At the time, he was designing Villa Tugendhat, Mies was also working on his famous Barcelona Pavilion for the International Exposition of 1929 – so metamorphosed elements can be found in both, especially Mies’ vision of architecture without walls

Unfortunately, during World War it served as quarters and stables for the Soviet military, which caused some considerable damage 🙁

The villa was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.

The amazing and special atmosphere of Villa Tugendhat cannot be fully grasped from photographs. This is a building to be walked through.
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