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Cape Town was a place I loved, it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is very clear why it is called the Mother City, because anyone who visits is welcomed and loved in a way akin to a mother and her child.

There is a lot to cram in in Cape Town, one visit for anyone is never really enough. With some of the best beaches in the world that include the sweeping beaches of the Atlantic  West Coast and the quaint and colourful beaches of St James on the way to Simons Town. The colourful beach huts on the shore and a sense of charm to the beach at St James that almost transports one back to a time gone by of Victorian bathing.

Nature very much defines Cape Town, beaches, mountains, flora and fauna and one cannot help but be amazed at how Mother Nature shows off so much beauty in such a small space. Penguins play their own cute part in the wonder of nature. One would automatically think of ice, snow and polar bears when one thinks of Cape Town, but Cape Town his home to one of the largest colonies of penguins.

Boulders, just outside Simons Town in the deep South of Cape Town is one of the most wonderful and charming places to visit. The African Penguins are all characters and it seems very odd to experience these flightless birds in sunshine and warm weather nearly all year round. The penguins at Boulders, for any visitor to Cape Town is a must and it will be a visit that one will never forget. Somehow you will just know you will come back again.

Heading South from Boulders towards the naval town of Simonstown the Cape of Good hope beckons. Pausing briefly to explore Simonstown and chuckle at the story of just nuisance one begins to see why so many people retire to this part of the world. Even for locals Simonstown is a fair drive and almost another province. The charm and friendliness slow things down to pace that allows you to really ponder what matters most in life.

The Table Mountain National Park, Cape Point is a large outcrop of rocks where for hundreds of years sailors believed the Indian and Atlantic oceans met. They don’t, Cape Agulhas is where they meet and this most southerly point of Africa is a long way out from Cape Point. Needless to say, the national park is truly spectacular and is naturally beautiful giving a sense that you are indeed a long way south, even in another country.

The Table Mountain National Park requires quite climb to get to the best vantage point but those who struggle to walk and climb or for those who are a little too lazy there is a unique way to get up and down to the vantage point. The Flying Dutchman is a Funicular railway that is as much a part of this tourist destination as the wildlife and oceans contained within and around it.

Having explored the national park, eaten in the Two Oceans restaurant it is time to head back to Cape Town. A peninsula tour drives you along the complete coastline of the Cape Peninsula, starting out through Muizenburg, Fishhoek and Simonstown then swinging back to Cape Town on the western coast. In the late afternoon, the western coast along the peninsula back to Cape Town is famous for its sunsets. Cape Town boasts the best sunsets in the world, and it is probably true. One of the best vantage points for a superb Cape Town Sunset must be Chapman’s peak drive.

Known affectionately as “Chappies” by the locals this drive along the edge of mountain overlooking the ocean is one of the most superb scenic drives in the world. Not a place for those with vertigo but it really is something special. To catch a sunset on this pass is very special thanks to the uninterrupted view of the ocean and being so high up. If you want a sunset and only have one chance to see it, head to Chapman’s peak.

Heading away from the deep south one must head up the east coast into Somerset West and then the Cape Winelands.  Somerset West is a town that sits almost on the coast with some superb hills and parks for walking and hiking among. It seems lusher here than in other parts of the City and the greenery interspersed with Proteas makes one want to walk off, hide and remain hidden in peace and tranquillity for the rest of their life.

Turning your back to the coast and heading in land the Cape Winelands starts at the edge of Somerset West. The winelands, like much of Cape Town is  rich in natural beauty and the vineyards that rise up and cling to the sides of the hills and mountains are part of something else Cape Town is world famous for.

Cape Town and its winelands produce some of the finest wines in the world. No trip to this city is complete without some wine tasting and perhaps a meal on a wine farm. From a crisp sauvignon blanc to a robust Pinotage, Cape wines are superb. A glass of one of these local works of art in a glass is the best and only way to toast and say thank you at the end of a wonderful stay in the Mother City.

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