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In the past eighteen centuries, Copenhagen has faced various sieges, floods and two extremely disturbing fire scenarios as well. Apart from all the upsetting history, Copenhagen is a great tourist spot in Denmark. This is an eco-friendly city which is growing to be really hip. People are driven towards it due to the wonderful castles, its incredible cuisines and if you love cycling then you will adore the 250 miles bike path in Copenhagen. It is really famous. So if you are planning to visit Copenhagen this vacation, then you are definitely making a smart decision. Here are some things that you must know about the city generally, before you pay it a visit.

Copenhagen was known as a fishing village in history. There was a lot of herring but this fishing village was extremely weak in its defense from the pirates. It was in the late 12th century that proper fortifications were built around this fishing village by Bishop Absalon. As trade grew, the fishing village started flourishing into a proper city which was then named Copenhagen, which is a Germanic translation for “merchant’s harbor.”

Copenhagen is also famous as one of the greenest cities around the world. It has plans to convert into a carbon neutral within the coming 8 years (2025 to be exact). And it is not the greenest city naturally; they have done a lot to keep it natural. Over the years, the citizens of Copenhagen have cut down their utilization of emissions and have started using solar power and wind. They have also stopped using heating systems that pollute the environment. If you visit Copenhagen, you should definitely see the offshore wind farm which is open for visitors to see as they fly around the city. Moreover, they are currently giving 4% of their energy to the country.

If you are a cycle lover from heart then you might know that Copenhageners adore their bicycles. Studies show that more than half of the residents of this city use their bikes to go to work or for outings and use the famous Bike Path throughout the day. The city has also built a super highway which connects them to the suburb of Alberts Lund. However, one problem that the residents of Copenhagen have faced is that of a proper parking. The sidewalks and city squares are usually flooded with bikes.

The city is also famous for its clean water. It is said that the water of their harbor is so clean that one can easily swim in it. You will also get to see a lot of swimming hotels in the midst of the city. And how can we forget the brewing museum? If you are a beer lover, then you would definitely want to visit this place! Carlsberg Brewery is filled with unopened beer bottles. It is a home to one of the most wonderful beer collections of all. The stats tell us that the museum has almost 20,000 beer bottles in it now. This crazy collector is an engineer Leif Sonne and he started collected them a long time ago. However, when the collection became too big for this home; he decided to open a museum for them. Beer lovers would certainly want to ask him that why did he collect the beer bottles instead of just drinking them?

And to end with, the food offered in Copenhagen is going to leave you licking your fingers. Noma is rated as one of the best restaurants globally since the past 4 years and it offers the best cuisines too. Who wouldn’t want to visit Copenhagen right away?

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