Crystal Clear Emerald Beauty – Lake Braies | Pragser Wildsee

A trip to Pragser Wildsee is one of the most amazing things you can do while in Italy. The beautiful scenes that characterize the lake, cool climate of the surroundings and lots of activities to keep you busy during your escapade are some of the highlights in Pragser Wildsee, a fantastic lake also known as Lago di Braies. The lake is found in Natural Park Fanes in Municipality of Prags, South Tyrol, Italy. The lake is slightly more than one kilometer long, has a width of between 300 and 400 meters and a depth of 36 meters.

Nature lovers are amazed by the beauty of the lake, the stunning views of snow-capped mountains. The green valleys, lake and the heavenly views surround visitors as they engage in boat riding and other water sports. It’s a blend of mountains, acres of green forest, water and rocks, a scene which is not far from the description paradise on earth. During the winter season, the mountains are covered with snow adding another twist to an already glorious mountainous landscape. In the summer you’ll not only enjoy the warm breeze from the valleys but also the flowering plants that make the scene awesome.

I made a trip here with my friend Annika end of June 2017. The mesmerizing boat ride with a an original hand made row boat (Lancetta) and the pictures that we took hold the true memory of a natural jewel. To say that I had the time of my life is an underestimation; I enjoyed every bit of the trip and a BBQ at the lake. I am looking forward to making a similar journey in the future. It’s a place that cannot tire, a destination where there is no dull moment. The photos that we took and the video we made using a drone, tell it all, and hold all our memories.

We stayed at Hotel Pragser Wildsee, that takes the name of the lake and true to this, the establishment does not disappoint. It is a travel back in time – just like 100 years ago –  and will thoroughly spoil you. You’ll leave the place having fallen in love with the surroundings and everything about Pragser Wildsee. It’s a destination that you will surely plan to revisit.

The stunning beauty of Pragser Wildsee

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