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Curacao is named as a different place to visit. It is so famous for the blue sky and a lot of people call it the Blue Curacao. But what makes the “blue” famous is a drink in history that used to be wonderfully popular in the past. However, even when the drink has lost its popularity, Curacao is still known for its blueness. A lot of people are confused about where exactly Curacao is! If you have heard about the ABC Islands then you will definitely know about Curacao too. The three islands that form Dutch Antilles are; Aruba which stands for A, Bonaire which stands for B and Curacao forms the C.

This beautiful island is located 60km away from Venezuela. However, it is still part of Central America. The best part about this island is that it is extremely colorful. If you have to see its incredible colorfulness then you can have a look at its beautiful images too. Willemstad is a famous place which is known for the flush of colors that it has. Willemstad is the capital city of this island and is really colorful. There are two different stories behind the colorfulness of this capital city. You are definitely going to hear them once you visit the place.

The weirdest factor about these people is that they are extremely superstitious. The market at Willemstad is famous for selling waters for various purposes. These include; water for good lucks, waters for falling love and you will also get water for money. There is a lot of variety to them and you will be stunned to see them. However, these waters have detergents in them. You have to use them to mop the floor. For instance, if you buy the water which brings money then you are instructed to mop the floor with it in the morning, noon and evening. What is the logic behind it? If you have a shop and you are mopping its floor with the water money than your shop will be cleaner, will smell amazing and will be able to attract a lot of new visitors too.

Talking about natural beauty; the landscapes of this island are really remarkable. They are not showing off perfect natural greens or waters; they are mostly the remains and if you try capturing them in an image, you will see how magical they look. These landscapes were usually formed due to volcano eruption. This feature adds up to the soil of these landscapes being extremely fertile.

The climate of Curacao is extremely dry. If you want to visit some really amazing sandy beaches then you will have to go 1.5 hours away from Curacao through boat and you will experience some incredible beaches. Small beaches are on the northern side of Curacao and they certainly are stunning.

You can also get a magical foot massage from the fish at the Doctor Fish. This is a must visit place as it is really different and you don’t get to see something like this anywhere. Queen Emma Bridge is another place which deserves being paid a visit to. If you can, view the sunset from there and you will adore it. For the best food experience, you can visit Jaanchie’s restaurant. The food is really simple and amazing and you will love it. You can also ask the owner to bring his best dish out for you, and you will see variety of foods set on a platter for you.

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