Explore the amazing combination of Old Tradition and Modern Middle East at Bahrain

The only island state of Middle East, Bahrain was once treated as a Holy Island by its old civilizations. The witness of the old Sumerian and Babylonians civilizations, the city is an amazing combination of modern culture with Arab traditions.

The reasons for visiting this state can be numerous. This city is also believed to be the site of the original Garden of Eden. Like the other Middle Eastern country, this state is also one of the bases of the oil industry. Apart from the claim that this is the Garden of Eden, the real history of Bahrain is also that interesting as the claim. Let’s get a glimpse of this island state which is in a way a unique example of a Middle Eastern country,

  • Trip to Qala’at al-Bahrain: While in Bahrain, you cannot miss a trip to Qala’at al-Bahrain or Bahrain fort. This is mainly an archaeological site which was inhabited by the human in 2300 BC. Later on, it had also become the capital of the Dilmun civilization. To know more about the history and art of the Dilmun civilization and later, you can visit the next door museum.
  • Tree of life: A drive till the tree of life is worth through the desert. This 400-year-old tree has survived the harsh climate of the desert and is still surviving among the oil wells. The best time to visit this tree is around the sunset, to get the amazing view of the tree along with the surrounding desert.
  • The Amwaj Islands: The Amwaj Islands is a manmade island in Bahrain with the modern amenities and architectures. Although most of the part of this island is filled with residential and commercial properties and high-end resorts, but it is sure to give you a glimpse of the living manner of the famous oil Moguls of Middle East.
  • Bahrain International Circuit:   Another main point to be highlighted about the state is the existence of the own Formula 1 grand Prix. A visit to the Bahrain International Circuit is a must for the Formula lovers. This is a motorsport venue which hosts the annual Bahrain Grand Prix every year since 2004. At the year 2004, the first Bahrain Grand Prix was also the first ever Grand Prix of the Middle East.

Bahrain projects the excellent combination of modern lifestyle without denying the existence of traditional Middle East.  Not very much crowded by the foreign visitors, it is still one of a best and peaceful place to take a holiday in the Middle East.

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