Explore the Beauty of Backwaters in Kerala

Kerala is popular for many things, especially for its backwaters. The state is home to incredible greenery, outstanding backwaters, bird sanctuaries, rich culture, lovely beaches and hill stations. The backwaters in Kerala are the state’s most popular attraction. Kerala is also known for its flora and fauna, modern cities and ports.

A trip to India is incomplete without visiting the state’s backwaters. The most spectacular backwaters of the country are located in the south. You will also see a picturesque view of backwaters in the northern part of the country. With hill stations, exotic beaches, ports, monuments, backwaters, temples and the abundance of natural beauties, Kerala is certainly one of the best traveling spots for visitors around the world.

Backwater Tours

Backwater tours are held every year, with thousands of tourists participating in one to enjoy the wonderful offerings of the state. Kerala is also blessed with a large network of lakes, waterways, inlets from seas as well as canals and rivers. Some of the most popular backwaters spots that you should include in your must-visit list include the following:


Also called the “rice bowl of Kerala,” Kuttanad is a backwater paradise and an ideal place to join a backwater cruise. It features a large number of waterways, channels, lakes and streams that provide tourists with a perfect opportunity to ride a houseboat and witness the greenish picturesque view of the countryside.


Alapuzha, also known as “Venice of East,” is also a must-visit place. Located at the National Highway 47, Alapuzha is home to some of the country’s most popular pilgrimage centers. Houseboat tours through the backwaters will allow you to enjoy natural green sceneries.


Kochi, also called “Queen of Arabian Sea,” is the perfect spot to discover the state’s diversity and beauty. It has an exceptional transportation system with a world-class port and international airport, which assures travelers of an easy and comfortable travel experience. Kochi is also considered informally as the “Gateway to Kerala.”


Kumarakoram is a group of small islands located on Vembanad Lake. The lake is blessed with different types of marine life including Konju, Chemmeen and karimeen.


Kollam may be a small district in Kerala, but it boasts picturesque views, mountains, backwaters, plains, seas, lakes, forest, rivers and streams that you shouldn’t miss.

There are also several online tour organizations that offer Kerala backwater tours. Travelers can book a tour in advance. You’ll certainly enjoy the green pastures and blue waters of the state. Some of the most popular tour packages include backwater tours that cover 900km long backwaters in Kerala, houseboat tours that include backwaters and comprehensive tours that are a combination of various kinds of tours. For instance, you can enjoy a luxury train tour starting at one of the hill stations or concluding in the one of the backwater locations.  There are tour agents who will guide you and educate you about the backwaters in Kerala.

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