Faro – Capital of Portugal’s Algarve region

Faro is the southernmost point of entry into Portugal, a beautiful city and one of the leading holiday destinations in Portugal. The city has a reputation for peaceful ambiance and charm that centers around the old town. A few minutes’ drive from the city is the famous Ria Formosa National Park. The park has a diverse wildlife, migratory birds, mudflats and saltwater lagoons to watch.

There are three sandbar islands that lie beyond the national park. The islands are a haven for serene sandy beaches and least developed areas of the western Algarve region and therefore the most beautiful surroundings.

Unlike most of the resort cities in Portugal that are hectic, overpopulated and busy, Faro is quiet, scenic and looks all natural. There are several historical monuments in the city than many surrounding towns. The town is also a pleasant place to shop with several open-air cafes. There are also free rides to the national park and almost deserted beaches of the sandbar islands. \

Most of the travelers love the day trips to Loule, a nearby town and around Faro. Loule also has attractive sites but are not as many as those in Faro. However, you can visit both towns for a varied experience.

Why you should have your next vacation in Faro

Faro is the central point from which you can visit the rest of the Amazing Algarve area. If you are traveling from out of the country, the city has Faro Airport meaning that you will not have travel far by road. There are several car hire services in the city at great prices.  There are several economy and high-end hotels within the city. Despite the facts that it is not very busy throughout the year, it is advisable that you book a room well in advance.

Four additional things to do in Faro

  • Visit the Old City, usually called Centro Historico. The classic city has Moorish and Portugal architecture. This city seems untouched by modernization.
  • Take a trip to Ria Formosa using a boat. The Island stretches deep into Spain
  • Sunbathe at Praia de Faro, a beach that is many kilometers long, serene and fresh. It never gets crowded. There are parts of the beach that are sinking into the sea, but the beach has so many miles sand soil.
  • Visit the Faro Jewish Center called Rua Leao Penedo. It has tombs of prominent Jews that lived in the late 1700s in the area. The graves are created in Sephardi style. Each tombstone has a beautifully engraved slab that is put in place of a headstone. There is also a museum that preserves the history of Jews in the area in the early years.

I stayed for 3 nights at Conrad Algarve. The pick up at the airport Faro and the check in the hotel worked perfectly.
My room was quiet and tastefully decorated in subtle beige and gray tones. I felt very comfortable. Also the furniture and pillows on the balcony matched my taste exactly. In the evening I lay down in the bathtub and watched TV 🙂
The next day I went to the spa in the morning. OIn this peaceful and relaxing area,  you can be massaged in the warm water.
The food in the restaurant on the second floor is very good.
There is also a shuttle bus from the hotel to the beach.

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