Getting To The Beach From Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not only a great city for tourism or nightlife; it is a jump off to several great beaches. You can plan an interesting day trip and enjoy the sun, sand, and surrounding restaurants. Even in the cooler weather, a trip to the beach can really life your spirits. Smell the air and enjoy the beach. Here are a few suggestions: Zandvoort, Bloemendaal or even Santpoort. You can even get to a beach from Den Hague.

Netherlands has a beautiful coastline, which is enhanced by fine sand of white grains that goes over hundreds of kilometers from the beautiful Wadden Islands, stretching down to Zeeland. The beaches are protected by beautiful sand dunes that protect from the floods.

The Beach at Zandvoort

A famous beach resort near not far from Amsterdam is Zandvoort Beach. Lying about 30 km west of Amsterdam, it has a pleasant oceanfront home to many restaurants, hotels, and tourist shops. Families love the beach with children, locals, and the German tourist.

Because it is the beach that is only accessible by public transport, it is very popular with the residents of Amsterdam.

There are several ways you can get to Zandvoort which include train from Amsterdam Central Station in the summer. Off-season the train can be taken from Amsterdam Central, to Haarlem and changing to Zandvoort aan Zee. Line 80 buses can go also, or you can always taxi if you have the extra money!

The Beach at Bloemendaal

Bloemendaal is a beach resort next to Zandvoort Beach. The dunes are part of a national park which makes this area not as inhabited as Zandvoort. Bloemendaal set on the North Sea is not breezy but still lots of fun. If you start out at Haarlem, take in the museums and then the beach, which is only about 15 minutes away. Bloemendaal has many lounge areas and the people enjoy the food, cocktails and beach pavilions offer great music. Sunsets are famous and during the weekends, many of the beach bars flip to being a beach club where big names cater to the hip young crown. Sometimes these clubs may have a dress code so check it out.

You have train or bus options for travel. From Amsterdam Central take the train to Haarlem. Take the exit marked “Centrum” and grab the Bus 81 to Zandvoort. From there take the Bloemendaal Strand exit.

The Beach at Santpoort

In the province of North Holland, near Bloemendaal lie the beaches of Santspoort-Zuid. The village is very upscale but that does not hold back visitors to this area that holds the historic site of Ruin of Brederode, majestic sand dunes that protect this rare, coastal area complete with forests. It also has a windmill that children can enjoy wonderful cookies.

As the above, Haarlem will take you to Santpoort as this area sits beside Bloemendaal and Zandvoort.


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  1. The touch of the sun on my skin whenever am at the beach gives me a good feeling. I love taking sights at the beach. I will be in Amsterdam soon and would definitely touch one of these.

  2. I will personally recommend the Beach at Zandvoort for anyone that wants to have a full of ocean fun. The numbers of Restaurants, hotels and tourist shops around this beach will make you enjoy every minutes spent on those white sands.

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