Gstaad 🇨🇭 – The glamorous A-list Destination for International Jet Set

Gstaad is located in Southern Switzerland in the German speaking region of Bern.  It is truly a village that is blessed with abundant snow in the winter.  With a population of less than ten thousand that usually increases in the winter months to accommodate the visiting skiing enthusiasts, this is the classical village setting of most rural Switzerland.   

The occupants of Gstaad are known to be friendly and very sociable.  This makes the little village a good alternative when planning a winter holiday, particularly if skiing is to be involved.  Blessed by very scenic hillocks and valleys there is quite a bit to explore in this one of the small Cantons of Switzerland.

Tourism remains the single most earning activity of this area.  With climates that are helpful to the ardent skier and ski slopes that run up to 200 kilometers in the Alpine slopes, it is no wonder that the village of Gstaad is known for nothing else.

Right in the middle of the village is the prime shopping and dining area that is often seen as the centre of all activities.  Most modern day classics like Gucci, Chloe, Cartier, and many more recognized brands do all make their presence felt in this small village square.  There are of course the other noted boutique brands that are spread near and by.

The importance of tourism cannot be emphasized to this very otherwise sleepy village that seem to awaken at the first signs of snow.  It is as though the entire village lives for the winters to come by, bringing with it the hordes of tourists and adventurers.  The long walking and hiking paths that is equally enticing during the off seasons.

With the view to providing trouble free stay and frolicking at these slopes the tourism authorities have made available trained guides that would help the visitors to move around and find the best that Gstaad has to offer.


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