Hamilton Island – The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Beauty

Many people think that when it comes to beach holidays, it always has to be Hawaii or Mauritius or any other exotic island with a beach. If you were to visit Australia, you would know that this is not true. Why? Because Australia has its own ‘heaven on earth’ destination – Hamilton Island. It was designed keeping in mind, tourists who want to enjoy a luxurious beach holiday.

A stunning tropical island located right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands. The island is home to some amazing diving spots, great sailing opportunities and luxury resorts, including the tranquil qualia Resort. Hamilton Island is used almost exclusively for tourism, unlike most islands off the east coast of Australia.

However, even if one wants to workout Hamilton Island on a shoe string budget, it can be made possible with a little planning. First, here are the main reasons why you should visit Hamilton Island:

• Car free – I was shocked to see that there are almost no vehicles on Hamilton Island. There are a lot of golf buggies that are driven around on Hamilton island, mainly because of its significantly high number of golf clubs. I stayed at qualia Resort and a golf buggy was part of my accommodation package. I really enjoyed the rides with this tiny vehicle 🙂

• Luxury Stay options – There are many luxurious beach resorts on Hamilton Island but if you are to choose from the list, you can blindly opt for Qualia. Known for its rooms with stunning beach views, Qualia offers the same amount of luxury for all its guests and the same picturesque views from all its rooms. The best part about staying at the Qualia isn’t about the friendly hotel staff or clean environment, but the food that is prepared at the restaurant in the hotel. Most of the dishes are made with organic and local produce that is cooked to perfection. The wine and dine options by the beach are a good setup for a romantic evening.

• At “WILD LIFE Hamilton Island” you have the opportunity to take pictures with the koalas, which is usually not possible in the other major parks.

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