Ion Adventure Hotel in Iceland

When you visit a place or decide to spend your vacations somewhere, you usually look up for the hotel first. It is on your priority list because when you are off to exploring all day, you would want to sleep comfortably at night so that the next day, you can stay on the go. This is why the best locations in this world also need to bring in great hotels. All the places around the world which have high tourism rates offer remarkable hotels and one such place is Iceland too.

If you want luxury in Iceland then there is nothing that beats the Ion adventure Hotel; it speaks of luxury and beauty in all possible ways. This hotel used to be an abandoned inn which has been wonderfully transformed into one of the best luxury hotels in Iceland and won’t fail to impress you at the very first sight. The beauty of Iceland’s nature has been incredibly captured in this hotel and has been combined with modern design in a way that leaves the human eye falling in love with it. The landscape of this hotel is impeccable and cannot be compared to anything in this world. It sets itself apart with its perfection and deserves adoration.

Ion Adventure Hotel is situated in Selfoss towards the south west of this town. The location of this hotel makes it easily accessible for the residents of the country. Its location also offers some of the best views of Iceland to its guests. This is why people love staying here; it speaks of beauty in all possible ways. The modern design might never have played so well but the landscape has added the perfect spark to it that the hotel definitely needed to stay on the top of the best hotels. The view of volcanic marvels of Mount Hengill and the flawless urban sophistication of Reykjavik are worth to look at through Ion Adventure Hotel.

I had been to this hotel twice – in October 2015 and in April 2017.

The hotel has total of 45 rooms and all of them offer an ambience which is earthly and chic. The inside of the hotel offers an amazing Icelandic experience to the guests before they actually set their foot aside to explore it all on their own. The rooms have been divided into standard and deluxe ones. Each room has been designed and decorated in a perfect Icelandic style which leaves the guests falling in love with it. Every room has floor to ceiling windows so that they can enjoy the remarkable views from within the hotel too. This is usually very peaceful for majority of people.

The hotel offers you such original experiences that you fail to replace them or forget them in your lifetime and that is the perfect trip that one can have. Stepping outside leaves you to the outburst of nature and hot springs and staying inside does not take that away from you either. Ion Adventure Hotel awaits you with its amazing experiences that are lifetime.

The architect of this hotel is breath taking. It will definitely make you fall in love with it at first sight. It deserves to be stared at for minutes at first look. Its aesthetics are eye catching and have been designed by keeping Iceland’s landscape and rich views in mind. Lastly, its interior is yet another thing that won’t fail to impress you. The interior of this hotel has been created through local drift wood which gives it an extra luxurious and earthy look. If you are paying for the best, you are certainly getting the best too at Ion Adventure Hotel.

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