Wonderfully weird Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo

During the summer holidays in 1999 I spend some time in California with my US family. I went with my aunt from Los Angeles to San Francisco and we stopped at this famous wired hotel.

Madonna Inn is a well known landmark hotel which was opened for business on 24th December, 1958. It is located in the lower eastern side of San Luis Obispo which is situated at the western side of the US route 101. It is known for its unique and rather weird, but fun events and themes.
The hotel consists of a total 110 guest rooms and 28 suites which are designed in a unique way, according to different themes. Each of the room is given a unique and eccentric name, according to the theme it was decorated. Some of the unusual names are Irish Hills, American Homes, Yahoo, Just Heaven, Highway Suite, Hearts and Flowers, Safari Room, Caveman Room, Jungle Rock, Old World Suite, Love Nest, Kona Rock,Native American, Old mill, cloud nine, Ren, Dev, Vous, Highway suite, bridal falls, the Carin, Austrian Suite, Cabin Still, etc. Some rooms are decorated according to the same theme, for instance, the rooms merry, go and round follow the same theme of an amusement park. Due to the different themes, no two different set of guests can have the same experience and each of the experience will be completely unique and different from each other.The whole Inn is decorated with pinks roses, hammered copper and western murals. The overall theme of Madonna Inn is of the medieval times. The suites have a living room and each room is very spacious and has a fridge but no microwave. Almost everything at the Madonna Inn is pink from the stairs, bars, chairs and the pink glitter walls.

Due to its unique design, the Madonna Inn has been featured in a few TV shows like ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Simpsons’ and it was also used in the shooting of some famous music videos like Hey Violet’s song “Guys My Age”, Diana Espir’s song “Side Chick”, Foxes’ song “Echo”, Grimes’ song “Flesh without blood/Life in the vivid dream”, and music videos for various other songs were filmed at the Madonna Inn. A segment from the 1987 movie ‘Aria’ was also filmed at the Madonna Inn.

The Madonna Inn is best described as a kitsch place but, still the staying experience is surreal and simply magical. A fun fact is that you can change your room every night you want so you could experience living in various themes during your stay.

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  1. Madonna inn is one of the oldest inns I had known from childhood; my father do take us there when I was 5. It’s amazing that they are still able to keep up their good quality service and integrity over such a long time.

  2. I got to just be there someday and will sure be changing my room every night hoping to find the different facets of fun you talked about. My adrenalin pumping already. Good to read through this article.

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