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The capital city of the Kingdom of Spain is prominent for its food, beautiful sights and love for fashion and nightlife. Madrid is a massive city and is prepared with modern infrastructure and its tapas and sangrias are famous all across the world. The people here are not early risers and dinner is not served until 10 pm. The amazing nightlife of Madrid is to be inculpated for this. The people here are full of warmth and they make sure you do not go back home without having a ton of fun and weird memories.

The best way to travel in Madrid is by through the metro. The metro system of Madrid is the second largest in Europe at 183 miles, which make 294 kilometers. If you want to take the metro from the airport, then it will cost you around 2.60 EUR and if you take the metro while traveling within the central area of the city, then each ticket will cost you around 1.50 EUR.

There are so many places to visit and so many foods to try while you are at Madrid. If you are in Madrid and you have not tried the tradition of ‘tapear’ then you have not experienced the food life of Madrid in its true sense. The tradition of ‘tapear’ is an integral part of the social culture of Southern Spain. By tapear, it means to go out at lunchtime and early evening to have tapas.The word tapear literally means to eat tapas. Tapas is a variety of Spanish savoury dishes , which is served in small quantities with drinks at a bar. Apart from tapas, you must also try Tortilla Espanola which is basically a delicious spanish omelette with potatoes and onions. You should also try paella, which is a traditional rice based dish and Jamon Iberico is a must.

I stayed at the dear hotel, which is located at the Gran Via, in front of Plaza de Espana. The hotel uses a calm and neutral palette for all the rooms which looks quite aesthetic. The furniture is of Scandinavian style and is made from oak wood. I really liked the rooftop pool.

Although, there are a lot places to visit like the Stroll Plaza Mayor, the Prado Museum, the El Retiro Park but if you really want to experience the truest form of Madrid in your short trip then you must visit Market of San Miguel (Mercado de San Miguel) and Puerta del Sol. Puerto del Sol is Madrid’s most famous and busiest square. The name of this square basically means ‘gate of the sun’. This square was,originally, one of the gates of the Kingdom of Spain and since it was facing east, so it got the name ‘Puerto del Sol’. Everything you see and find in this square, screams Spanish culture and is hence a place you must visit.

Market of San Miguel or Mercado de San Miguel is an indoor market which was originally built in 1916. It is the most popular market among the tourists and the people of Madrid. It is located in the center of Madrid and is in walking distance from the Plaza Mayor. The Market of San Miguel is not just a grocery market, it is the hub of traditional Spanish food and drinks. People usually visit it during the lunchtime or in the early evening for tapear because there are over thirty vendors in that market that sell a variety of freshly made tapas.

On my way back I saw Mehmet Scholl and Oliver Kahn at the airport and flew back to Munich with the same plane they arrived with ☺️

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