Moscow Metro Tour

Moscow metro is one of the most famous metro in the world.
A trip by the Moscow Metro is a must-do on every visiting tourist’s to-do-list. I can recommend spasibo tours (they also offer other tours around Moscow).

Moscow metro is one of the most memorable attractions in Moscow because there aren’t just metro stations – there are underground palaces: bright and spacious like Komsomolskaya , gracile with Soviet mosaics like Mayakovskaya or just legendary like Ploshad’ Revolutsii with its bronze sculptures.

It is a unique collection of public art like the one you find in museums or art galleries in other metropolises.

I would suggest you to take a guided tour like spasibo tours is providing that you will be able to ask questions (mostly everything is written in Cyrillic characters, only a small amount of English signs are available) and get familiar with public transport in Moscow.



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