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If you are a globe trotter who loves to explore the new ambiance, culture and people of diverse places of the world, then this blog post is meant to inspire you.. I believe majority of my readers love the thrill and adrenaline rush related with spontaneous travelling plans. Let me share my personal experience of an expedition to the beautiful city of Turkey, Istanbul and the top picturesque places to visit in it.

It is a historic and ancient city with the stories regarding Turkey sultanate, therefore a lot of historical value is associated with all its sites.  There are majorly three parts of the city. One is the eye-catching antique beauty of the historical Sultanahmet. The city also has a touch of Europe with “Beyoğlu” being prominent amongst its places. Istanbul welcomes tourists from all origins. The Asian side of this city is known to be segregated from the rest of Istanbul by the place called “Bosphorus”. Istanbul offers the captivating fusion of cultural and artistic blooming.  In this magical and awe inspiring place of picturesque views, capturing the photographs of these precious mosques and museums was indeed  a pleasure and no less than a thrilling experience for me.

One thing that I loved about Istanbul is that it has a lot of historical pieces preserved in its museums. There are three main museums in the city which are famous for the Turkish ceramics and antiquities. The Archaeology Museum is the prominent one, which I loved the most. Istanbul also holds a place in the world as the center of one of the most awe-inspiring and breathe-taking mosques. The “Blue Mosque” is the one which is present just across Sultanahmet Square. It is known for its architecture and grandeur. Its six tall beautiful minarets stand tall and sturdy, and I was left surprised by their beauty. The main reason it is called the “Blue Mosque” is because the flooring of this mosque is made from the special blue Iznik tiles.

Another aspect of this city is the Turkish culinary and food streets. I had an amazing time eating the classic and most scrumptious Turkish breakfast every day. The food is indeed savory and mouthwatering. Their breakfast consists of the different varieties of cheese, jams, cucumber salad, dips, and fresh pancakes. Turkish dish of menemem which is made out of eggs , tomato and peppers is my most favorite one. “Ciya Sofrasi” is also one of the most favorite places amongst the Turkish foodies. It is specifically famous for its delicious and nourishing Anatolian cuisine, which dazzles you by its taste and presentation. This food is promising and tantalizes your taste buds, and I definitely recommend it. All the old traditional Turkish recipes can be tried here, which are made by some of the best chefs of Turkey. The place is known for its impressive quality and taste.

Last but not least is the Taksim Square, which lies right in the center of this majestic city. It is rightly known as the heart of Istanbul. This square also holds the famous Independence Monument which is the symbol of the famous Turkish leader Attaturk’s role in the Independence struggle of Turkey.

I stayed at the The Marmara Pera Downtown Hotel which I can recommend for an Istanbul trip.


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