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People looking forward to a luxurious holiday usually flock to Nice in France. Millions of tourists visit this place every year and the number has been growing with each passing year. Its remarkable seaside location, deep architecture and immense variety of cultures are just few of the many reasons that people fly off to this wonderful place. Nice is famous as the capital of Alpes Maritimes department in France. It is also known as the second largest city of France and is located on the south east coast of the country. To be accurate, it is located near the Mediterranean Sea.

In France, the real name of this city is Nice La Belle. The essence of this name is: Nice the beautiful. It was named after Nike, who was a Greek goddess. Nike meant victory. Moreover, the city became part of France in 1860. Before that it was a part of two major Kingdoms in Italy. There was also an anthem for the city but it never went official. It was written in 1912 by Menica Rondelly.

The city holds within it, immense natural is going to leave you stunned. The summer weather is really enjoyable in the city as it is located near the Mediterranean Sea. A lot of writers, composers and artists have been attracted to Nice due to its various inspirational features. The unique and breath taking views that it offers are really amazing.

The official carnival of Nice is really famous and it was first created in the Middle Age. At first, people wore masks to the carnival. However, now the trend has changed and no masks are required. But there is one thing that all people wishing to visit the Carnival must know about; you need to at least paint your face or else you will be having flour all over your face. And you cannot escape it even.

Talking about natural beauty, the beaches of Nice are all naturally occurring. These rocky beaches have the stones upcoming from the rivers (Paillon and Var). However, the stones are not hard. Due to the river, they have been washed over and over again, turning into pebbles. Nice is also on the list of the most desirable places to live in. it is adored so much that it is actually the home of many beloved and famous Hollywood celebrities. Tina Turner and Alton John are some of the most famous people who reside in this naturally beautiful place. And without a doubt it would be the most desirable place in France as almost 4 million tourists have recorded to visit it per year.  This is the major reason why Nice has some of the best hotels and they are a lot of them. Well, if so many people are visiting the place; there needs to be proper accommodation for them for sure.

The main attractions of Nice are its naturally beautiful places. You can enjoy hanging out the beach and tis famous label shopping is great. The rich and blue green sea is another main reason why people adore Nice. They are also popular for their amazing dining and their décor façade is out of this world. Moreover, the must visit spot of this city is Promenade Des Anglais. You can simply lie on the blue chairs and enjoy the sight at the beach shore. The Cours Saleya Flower Market is yet another fascinating place to visit in the city. It is filled with wonderful cafes, flower markets and souvenir shops. Nice is definitely one of the best spots to visit while you are in France.

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