Old Lahaina Luau

A visit to Old Lahaina Luau is a must for your Maui stay! The event is sold out every evening and this has a reason! This dinner show is fabulously organized – very tasty buffet, good cocktails and an interesting Hula dance performance.

Yes, it is a little bit touristic – but don’t forget: it’s your vacation! Let’s switch to holiday mode.
You’ll get a typical flower chain, a welcome cocktail and somebody will accompany you to your seats. We met very nice people there, as the table is shared with other people (a total of 8 persons at one table). There are time slots for every group at the buffet, otherwise the amount of people would cause a total chaos – but everything is very well planned and organized.
It is a really nice place to see the sunset.

Just click through the pictures:

You have to pay attention to where you buy the tickets (on the Internet), as there are big price differences.




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