Paris – nice hotel experience

Paris is the best place in this world and on top of all the wish lists of people who love travelling. I would highly recommend you to visit this place if you are a traveler by soul. I visited Paris several times and every time it was an incredible experience.
I am a traveler by soul and I make sure that I just don’t enjoy exploring the place but I also cherish my resting time there. This is the reason why a good hotel matters a lot to me!

I stayed in Seven Hotel during my weekend trip to Paris. I chose a classical designer room and the Alice Suite. Paris is all about romance and this is why Seven Hotel is a romantic hotel. It is located near the Latin Quarter and offers an amazingly peaceful experience to the guests. After a never ending hustle and bustle of the city, this hotel brings a peaceful ambience to you. The patio of this hotel is furnished elegantly which gives amity to the eyes and mind. The wooden decks and courtyards of this hotel are perfect to enjoy your morning tea or to have the best sun rise of sunset with your partner.

Usually people compromise on the hotel so that they can spend lavishly on shopping and everything else. But I guess, if you won’t shop brands but treat yourself better at the best place-you are going to enjoy living in a place for a couple of days even more.

I do not have any special recommendations beside the typical tourist places – just stroll around the city; you will find something nice – trust me 🙂

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