Penis-Festival in Kawasaki

From Tokyo, I traveled to Kawasaki, which is a large coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture.  Kanagawa Prefecture stretches along the Tamagawa River and there are a few attractions there that are worth visiting.

While I was in Kawasaki, the Kanamara Matsuri Festival was taking place.  This festival is also known as the Penis Festival and it has taken place on the first Sunday of April since 1969.  The entire festival is centered on the local penis-venerating shrine and the legend of a demon hiding inside the vagina of a young woman that the demon fell in love with.  The demon bit off the penises of two men on their wedding nights before the woman asked a blacksmith to make an iron penis to break the demon’s teeth.  While I was at the festival, I saw decorations and illustrations of penises and ate multiple pieces of carved vegetables and candy that were shaped like a penis.

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