Perito Moreno Glacier ❄️

The Perito Moreno Glacier (“Glaciar Perito Moreno” or “White Giant”) is a popular attraction in South America. It’s a glacier located in southwest Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park 🇦🇷

Almost a third of the park is covered in ice, and it’s the largest national park in Argentina. The glacier isn’t as big as nearby Upsala Glacier, but it’s the most famous. Partly because of how accessible it is, compared to the other glaciers in the area. The park officials say over 700,000 tourists visit Perito Moreno every year, from many different countries.

The glacier has viewing platforms, walking paths, a boat tour, and trekking tours where you go out onto the ice. Depending on what you want to see, it’s easy to spend 3 to 6 hours at the glacier. Small tours might be an hour or two. If you want to get out on the glacier itself, it takes closer to 5 hours for a trip. (Some gear is provided for safety.) Some people say tours are bit expensive, but it’s not that bad. Especially considering how amazing the views are, a tour can definitely be worthwhile. You can take a bus from the nearby town of El Calafate, and the trip takes less than 2 hours.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is also famous because you can hear the ice cracking, and sometimes see it falling into the water. A couple of years ago, 4,000 people watched a natural ice bridge collapse. Oddly, though, the glacier is one of the few in the world which is still growing.

Pictures don’t quite capture the impressive views. Perito Moreno is a massive glacier and there are many options to see it. Whether you go alone or in a group, this is an amazing place to visit. It can take up just about your entire day, and it’s worth the time investment.


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