Plezier in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an ideal destination for a weekend trip as it is also attractive for a less cultural crowd 😉

Got hungry of all the walking around the canals? Take a snack at one of the Automatieken.
These automatieken are coin operated vending machines and are unique in Holland: a wall of glass lids with warm snacks behind them. Throw the money in the machine, open a lid and take your snack.
All kinds of snacks are sold this way: Frikandel, Crocuette, kaassouffle (snack of melted cheese inside a thin dough-based wrap) and even hamburgers.
Don’t worry about hygiene; they are cleaned often!!

Walking the streets at night you might wonder why the Dutch don’t have curtains.
The truth is most houses do have curtains but many people just leave them open. Why?
The story is that this habit origins from Dutch Calvinism. Honest people have nothing to hide and by keeping their curtains open you show your honesty.

A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without tasting the famous dutch cheese.
There are lots of shops selling cheese, but most are for tourists. The dutch just buy their cheese in the supermarket.
A nice shop to visit though is the ‘Amsterdams Kaashuis’ in the Haringpakkerssteeg. In this shop people wearing traditional dutch costumes show how to make the cheese and of course you can taste all kinds of cheese.

Finally, the coffee shops.
Some people think all the dutch are smoking marihuana all day long.
But, fortunate for our country this is not true; many have never bought any.
The liberal laws on soft drugs in Holland allow coffee shops to sell marihuana to adults. It is allowed to smoke it inside the coffee shop as well as outside.
It is said that around 25% of the tourists in Amsterdam visit a coffeeshop.
And that is not hard, because in the centre they are everywhere.




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