San Fran, Cali

Last December, I finally decided to visit San Francisco again. My last visit was in Summer 1999 (omg – I am old…).

On my first morning in the city, I went to see Golden Gate Bridge and was amazed by the beautiful sunrise (thanks to my jetlag). It is said to be one of the most photographed places in the world.

After soaking this beautiful view, I went to spend some time at Fisherman’s Warf. There are lots of restaurants in this area, every restaurant with their own flavors. The Fisherman’s Warf is spread along the water front and there are many places to see. I spent some time roaming around. After walking for a while I found myself at the famous Pier 39. This is a good place to stroll because there are lots of street performers and souvenir shops around the area. There are lots of different restaurants, bars and gift shops around the pier. The view of the ocean is beautiful from the pier. You can see famous Alcatraz Island from the edge of the pier. People from around the world visit this area every day.

At Westfield I met Pepper, the humanoid robot for the first time an directly felt in love 😉 If you go to Japan, you’ll find Pepper robots working as store greeters at banks, cafes and retail stores. I’ve met Pepper four times – once at the Westfield San Francisco Centre in December 2016, at the Dubai Mall in February 2017, at the CeBIT in Hannover and in front of a Uniqlo Store in Tokyo in March 2017. Instead of performing specific functional tasks, this humanoid robot is meant to be a companion – someone who can make people happy, enhance the lives of others, and just amuse people if that’s what they want. As I can predict from my own experience meeting Pepper, it’s likely that more Europeans will walk away from that event in Germany with an even greater appreciation of just how advanced robots have become!

Westfield San Francisco Centre is a really cool place to spend some time. I’ve NEVER seen a curved escalator before. These were the most unique escalators I’ve ridden – how small things can impress… 😉

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