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Tarragona is a stunning port city which is blissed with a remarkable coastline and some really incredible monuments. It is located towards the north east of Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. Tarragona is on Costa Daurada and hugs its eye catchingly golden and beautiful shores. This port city has a population of 132,199 (it was last calculated in 2014).

Tarragona’s Cathedral is really famous and is also termed as a “gothic” cathedral. This amazing cathedral was built in the 12th century. Before this, some roman temple stood in its place. People who visit this cathedral also head towards the Diocesan museum where the Roman artefacts lie. These artefacts were discovered in between 1999 and 2001.

The Roman Amphitheatre is yet another incredible place in this port city. This place is termed as the most ancient and most wonderful remains in Tarragona. This amphitheater dates back to the 2nd century AD and it was capable of wrapping in 12,000 people within it. You can also visit the pits that lie beneath the arena. This is was the backstage where the team of actors prepared themselves for the play.

Balcon Del Mediterrano offers a wonderful view to the Mediterranean Sea. The terrace place is huge enough to accommodate a large crowd quite easily. The stairs from this place lead to the harbor and the rail road station too. Majority of people start walking from Balcon Del Mediterrano and end up walking till the beach. The view of the sea is breath taking and makes you feel peaceful. If you keep walking forward from the beach, the sensational views keep emerging and you find yourself getting lost in the beauty of them. The rugged views capture the eyes of the visitors and make them fall in love with them. If you walk almost eight kilometers away from the se route, you will end up at Punta De La Mora. This is a remarkably gorgeous beach. It is filled with paths which bring some of the best natural views to you. Punta De La Mora is a must visit place!

If you adore ancient things then the Archeologist Museum in Tarragona is a must visit place for you. It is the home to some of the best Roman art. This museum holds the finest collection of ancient art that you won’t be able to view anywhere else in Spain, apart from Tarragona. From Roman pottery to mosaic work and from sculptures to tombs and from amphora to mausoleums; there is everything that can leave the history lovers in love with this place. The highlights of the museum are the works done in mosaic.

To get interesting and ancient architectural details, you must visit Casa Castellarnau which was created around the 15th century. This was especially built for the aristocratic owners of the town. They were basically famous as one of the most influential families. This place has been built in the essence of the style of Queen Isabella 2. The perfect depth of architectural details can be seen in the courtyard and a stairway which has the columns and capitals of perfect Gothic elements. This place is now open for the tourists and public in all and is represented as an architectural museum. You can also visit the houses from inside but that is only allowed along with a guide. If you don’t hire one; you will only be allowed to see the place from the outside.

Tarragona is blessed with the perfect sunshine and some of the best remains from the dusty pages of history. If you visit Spain, this place deserves to be seen!

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