The Dark Hedges, GoT’s King’s Road

Dark Hedges is a location that was used as Kings Road during the filming of the popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. It is a natural archway of intertwined trees. The road is one of Northern Ireland’s most photographed locations.

This place had been feature in GoT S2E1: On the King’ s Road, Arya Stark has escaped from King’s Landing, disguised as a boy. She is with Yoren, Gendry, Hot Pie and others who are to join the Night’s Watch, in a cart, travelling north on the King’s Road.

I was a little bit disappointed when I visited Dark Hedges on my way to Northern Ireland as it was not as spectacular as I thought: Lots of people, cars and buses.
I think, all beautiful pictures you find on the internet, are definitely modified with nice filters or photoshoped 😉

It’s not worth to go there 🙁 There are better places to visit, e.g. Tree Tunnel, a beautiful canopy of Eucalyptus trees line Maliuhi Road on Kauai.

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