The Rise of Warsaw, Europe’s greatest Survivor

Warsaw has shrugged off its destroyed image during WW2 and risen an amazing city finally showing off its true colors. Being the heart of the larger country of Poland, Warsaw is now making its business and cultural presence felt and not its eastern bloc image. Warsaw now represents a vibrant, cultural city that defiantly deserves all your time during a visit. Things you can see in Warsaw include:

Warsaw rising museum – This is a must vast for anyone touring Warsaw. The museum is dedicated to Warsaw rising of 1944 and it officially opened its door to the public in 2004 and rise to become the most popular museum in Poland. The museum showcases different exhibition items, films, photographs, and other educational items that chronologically take you through the stages of WW2 and see its effects on the past, the fall, the rise and the present Warsaw.

Eating and shopping – As the capital city of Poland, Warsaw serves both the traditional and international cuisines in almost every restaurant. The restaurants have a vast variety of cuisines, but a must try cuisine during your visit is the famous Pierogi. These dumplings are prepared using spinach, cheese, meat and other fillings. You can also try the polish barszcz a traditional polish vegetable soup and other cuisines.

Palace of culture and science – The palace of science is the tallest building which is visible from different parts of the city. The palace was commissioned by Stalin himself as a gift from the soviet people. Though the building is amazing and worth a visit, it wasn’t initially accepted by the polish natives as most of them view it as a “Russian cake.”

Life culture and the people of Warsaw – Warsaw has a bossy charm and the big city character you’d expect it to have. The skyline proves this. Apart from the palace of culture and museum, it is dominated by modern skyscrapers. There is no escaping the sophisticated nightlife, the fast pace of business and elegant dining.

It might not be typical beautiful as other famous cities in Europe, but if you take your time and explore its inner beauty, you will realize Warsaw’s energy. Due to amazing reconstruction, this famous old town has been made a new town that provides you with a great chance to really see the best of Poland. Don’t come to Warsaw to relax, discover the energy of Europe greatest survivor.

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