The Tokyo Station Hotel

Are you planning to visit Tokyo soon? Well, you definitely need to make some reservations at a great hotel then. And I would recommend the Tokyo Station Hotel which is located in the heart of this amazing city. It is not just a hotel but is an iconic landmark too. This red brick building executes perfect elegance and makes you adore it to the best. I stayed there last year, when I visited Tokyo and was really impressed by the interior, exterior and their incredible services too. They definitely made my visit much more interesting and comforting.

Tokyo Station Hotel is a perfect update to western style hotels. It consist of around 150 rooms which promise to deliver comfort and luxury to you at the best. This hotel dates back to 1915 but it was closed due to major renovation. After undergoing a 6 year renovation, the Tokyo Station Hotel reopened in 2012. This building showcases rare architectural details which are eye catching and any master of architect will understand the tiny little efforts that have been put into this wonderful hotel. I admired its façade endlessly and praised it after I came back from there for days.

The lengthy corridors of this hotel are magical. Once you walk through them, you feel at peace due to the wonderful architect. The rooms have wonderful plush carpeting too. The red brick building stands unique amongst a lot of other hotels. The exact location of Tokyo Station Hotel is near the Imperial Palace. Once you reach there, getting to the hotel is quite simple and quick. As it is near the rail station, you will find all the subways and trains from around Tokyo, landing up here. Thus, reaching out to this place is an apple pie seriously. You are not going to get lost or lose your way. It is as simple as this; get on a train, arrive on the rail station and then walk towards Imperial Palace and you will find Tokyo Station Hotel real fast.

I took the King Superior room in the hotel which costed me around 44,100 yen. I know a lot of people might say that it is too much but the comfort was worth it. And after all day of exploration, the comfort and peace was a definite requirement of my body. The heavy silk draperies and the wooden furniture made the room look luxurious. The carpeting had a mute design which didn’t allow it to make the room loud or filled. The television played a variety of channels and the best part was that they had an array of languages in which I could play the TV. This was a bliss because without TV, relaxing seems a little incomplete to me. I have to mention the wonderfully, huge sized bathroom that my room had.

Tokyo Station Hotel also offers you spa and fitness packages and rooms. The Atrium is a separate room which brings breakfasts for guests only and was quite a treat to look at. The quality of food that this hotel has to offer is super incredible. You are going to love every bite of your meal. All I have to say is that Tokyo Station Hotel is the best place to stay at when you are in the city. It is amazing and makes your vacay worth it.

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  1. I’m actually planning to visit Tokyo soon. And might likely lodge in this hotel since I don’t have a particular place to lodge for my planned one week stay in Tokyo. But Sabine, I hope I will locate it quick enough.

  2. I know of this Hotel and can frankly tell that they are among the best. I love their services.
    They contributed to my wonderful stay while I was in Tokyo.

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