Tokyo – skyscrapers, temples, cafés and fashion

During my time in Tokyo, I visited many places, but there are a few attractions that I remember the most.  I went to the Tokyo Tower so that I could go up onto the observation deck.  Once I arrived at the tower, I discovered that the tower itself is 333 meters, which is 13 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower.  There are two observation decks on this tower and the first one is at 150 meters, while the second is at 250 meters.  I loved standing that high above the ground, especially since I could see Mount Fuji, even though it is miles away from the tower.

After my time so high up in the sky, I decided to stay closer to the ground for a while and went to see the Imperial Palace.  This is where the Imperial Family lives and while I could have taken a guided tour of the grounds, I decided to stand in the plaza in front of the palace and view the grounds from there.

Sensoji is a Buddhist temple that is located in Asakusa and it is known as Asakusa Kannon Temple to many people.  It is one of the most colorful temples in Tokyo and as I found out, one of the most popular temples too.  I walked through the Kaminarimon or Thunder Gate as I was entering the temple.  When I was finished examining the beauty of the temple, I ventured over to Nakamise, which is a shopping street outside the second gate of the temple.  Nakamise is where I purchased quite a few of my souvenirs as well as some snacks to eat as I continued my journey.

Ginza is a commercial district in Tokyo and I spent time there, especially at night.  Ginza is where multiple restaurants are located and I found that I could eat a delicious meal at any of them before going out to find something to do for the rest of the evening.  Thankfully, in Ginza, entertainment is easy to find with the galleries, museums, and the Kabukiza Theater.

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