Ushuaia, Argentina – A Most Beautiful End of the World

El Fin Del Mundo. It is ‘The End of the World’ but the start of a fantastic journey. Ushuaia, Argentina should be on everyone’s ‘must visit’ list. Whether you have a love for travel or occasional take a vacation, Ushuaia, Argentina has much to offer as a vacation destination.

The End of the World

Ushuaia is in the Argentine half of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego (shared with Chile) along the southernmost area of South America. Ushuaia is located to the south of the island and hence the name – The End of the World. It is at once a wild, windy and barren area, and one of the most beautiful and majestic places you will see in the world.

A Colourful History

Ushuaia was inhabited by an indigenous population before the coming of European explorers. It was once the location of a prison that housed the famous and infamous of political prisoners and criminals. Today, it is a port for departing cruise ships and expeditions to Antarctica. It houses a variety of options for the adventurer, the thrill seeker, and the historian and scientific traveller all packaged in a beautifully rugged display.

What to Expect at The End of the World

Ushuaia offers an epic experience for the adventurous and those that want to enjoy the wonderful outdoor without forgoing modern amenities. From the lakes to the sea, forests, and mountains to the valleys, Ushuaia offers the rustic and the magnificent. And you will not forget the wind. In fact, it is so windy, that the trees are wind-sculpted into their distinct shapes. Experience all that nature has to offer on a trip that will remain with you for a long time.

What to Do in Ushuaia

One can never be bored in Ushuaia. Three of the most popular things to do are:

  • Taking the Tren del Fin del Mundo which gives a scenic journey from the outskirts of the city and passing through valleys, mountains and by the striking La Macarena Waterfalls.
  • Visiting the spectacular Tierra del Fuego National Park which offers a host of exhilarating options from exploring the gorgeous landscape to exciting outdoor activities on land or at sea.
  • Exploring the various historical museums from The End of the World Museum, Antarctic Museum, Maritime Museum.

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