Venice and Murano – Living the Italian Dream

One of the best places for tourism and vacationing in this world is Venice. Not only is Venice a lovely place to admire but has an interesting culture and history. The place has practically remained the same as it was about 600 years ago. This adds just more to the beauty of the place. Over the years, Venice has acquired a vintage appearance but is still one of the most popular destinations to attract tourists from around the world. 20 million tourists make their way to Venice every year and it has a resident population of 56,000 people.

The Location
To many, Venice may seem small but in reality, it is not. It is divided into different boroughs. One of the most famous areas is spread over 118 islands and is known as the Sestiera. The main monuments are located in Castello, San Polo, San Marco, Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, and Santa Croce. More important islands include the Murano, San Francesco del Deserto, Burano and Torcello.

Why Visit Venice?
There is days when the there are more tourists than the locals in this lagoon. The ratio gets two to one. Venice has this endless capacity to enchant the people. The city particularly comes to life during the summer season. Its main reason is that Venice is built on water. The city can become overcrowded at times with the two crusts flowing in but all you need is to find a bridge or an alley to make your way into the more secluded parts of the city. There, you can find secret squares, gothic palazzo and neighborhood wine bars.
However, regardless of the season, the churches and the museums have a lot to offer to the visitors. Moreover, the art scene in Venice is quite lively as well.

Neighboring Islands
Leaving Venice may seem like you are going off the beaten track by tourists, but you may want to utilize your time to discover. Murano is known for its glassmaking. Therefore, you may want to visit to the glass factory. For viewing rows of colorful houses, make your way to Burano. It is a breathtaking experience. Visiting Torcello may seem creepy as it is an entirely abandoned island. Only tourists visit it now. The Italian plague has wiped out the population and only the old Cathedral remains with it mosaic tiles.
The best time to visit Venice is the summer when you can enjoy the views of the water surrounding you at every turn. However, you can also make it to the lagoon at the end of summer as well. At this time, the Venice Film Festival converts the lagoon into a mini version of Hollywood. Apart from that, Venice maintains its magic throughout the year. Despite the heat and humidity, and mosquitoes, the tourists never cease to visit. Spring and autumn are a bit more pleasant.
You may want to avoid a visit in the months of February and March due to Carnevale. In the two weeks that lead up to Shrove Tuesday, the accommodation prices go way higher.

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