Boat Trip in Egypt 🇪🇬

The sprawling Red Sea offers one of the greatest delights ever; snorkeling. With the absolute perfect conditions for the activity, the waters offer a great sight of undersea ecosystem. It is also one of the more intrepid tasks I took up during my visit to the country and during my boat trip.  And once underwater, it was a vista like no other. The view of all the coral reefs and the fishes was something indescribable. I was taken aback at the sheer vibrancy of the fishes and the clear water.

An exciting revelation was the barbeque that was planned for the guests on the deck of the yacht, where I enjoyed some dishes of the Egyptian cuisine along with the more classic food that gets served at BBQs. While the boat waded through the waters in search of the ideal places for snorkeling, I sunbathed on the deck and enjoyed the warm atmosphere. And watching the sunset blaze over the water was one of the sights I was transfixed by.

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