Maui – The Valley Isle

Maui among the most visited places in Hawaii and is the 2nd largest island of Hawaii. It is known as the place of healing as there are many wellness practitioners. This place is renowned for its beaut

Old Lahaina Luau

A visit to Old Lahaina Luau is a must for your Maui stay! The event is sold out every evening and this has a reason! This dinner show is fabulously organized - very tasty buffet, good cocktails and an

Nakalele Blowhole – Behold the Beauty, Beware the Dangers

Nakalele Point is famous for a blowhole which produces powerful geyser-like water spouts. It is unpredictable how the water shoots through the hole. Some exuberant tourists were sucked into the hole

Kahakuloa Bay: Maui’s Rugged North Shore

The road from Kapalua in the direction of Kahakuloa is a true experience - for drivers and co-drivers :) Kahakuloa is an area on the north side of West Maui. Very winding, sometimes one-lane, but

Sunrise at Haleakala Crater 🌄♥️

Even if you have to get up very early to experience the sunrise to the summit - the effort is worth it! It is an unforgettable moment when the sun creeps over the clouds at 5:30. We started at 3 in t